Waihiki Island

Waihiki Island

Day 110
December 3, 2012
It’s raining when we wake up; what now? We said our goodbyes to Yvonne last night; she left for work before we awoke. Perhaps a cup of coffee at the German bakery will provide both the clarity we’re lacking and inspiration for a plan of action. The bakery is closed. [Read more…]

Church and a walk in Auckland, NZ


Day 109
December 2, 2012
Today, Yvonne takes us to church in her car, racing up and down hills steeper than those in San Francisco, unexpectedly darting down what to us still feels like the wrong side of the street.
Freshly cut pink and white roses decorate the blue-clad altar at church, Spring flowers during Advent. I realize here how deeply our traditions and experience of Christmas is associated with our own particular geographical location on the globe.

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Auckland, NZ

The Michael Park Waldorf School in Auckland, NZ

Day 108
December 1, 2012
Waking up in our bedroom ‘suite’ on Saturday morning, we look out the window to get our bearings. Yvonne ’s house borders a well tended park across which we see imaginative blue buildings of what can only be a Waldorf School. [Read more…]

New Zealand!


Day 107
November 30, 2012
Shortly after leaving Rarotonga we cross the International Date Line, jumping from November 29th to November 30th, on a four-and-a-half hour flight.
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Arriving in Auckland at 22:30, we are astonished and annoyed by the fastidious luggage check. We have to wheel our carts of gear to a separate walled off area containing an enormous x ray machine, and are obliged to heave each and every piece onto an oversized luggage carrousel for inspection. Our tent is confiscated and taken to a back room where it’s unpacked and thoroughly investigated for remnants of foreign soil. Thankfully Christof takes the time to carefully repack the bunched up jumble that’s returned to us, and discovers that some parts are missing. They are still lying in the corner of the back room.
The shuttle buses waiting for passengers in the parking lot are equipped with luggage trailers. The drivers sort us according to destination, and in no time at all we are packed up and rumbling though the dark streets of Auckland, deposited at the front door of our accommodation with our pile of luggage shortly thereafter. Yvonne a member of the Christian Community in Auckland, has agreed to host us for the weekend.