Day 152
January 14, 2013
An exhibition on the history of gold mining in Arrowtown, put together with artifacts, photos, and a collection of eye-witness accounts, tangibly recreates the atmosphere of the 1860’s, leaving us with an immense gratitude for having been born into our own time and circumstances. [Read more…]

A Lazy Day in Arrowtown


Day 151
January 13, 2013
Today is Sunday, a rest day. We stay in Arrowtown and laze about reading. Feeling for something relaxing, I connect to the free wifi at a café in town, tapping the shopping cart symbol on my Kindle and browsing through the English book section until I find a title suited to my taste. [Read more…]

The Crown Saddle


Day 150
January 12, 2013
The choice Christof gives me of reaching Queenstown is either,
– to climb over the Crown Saddle, the shorter, infinitely steeper route with less traffic or,
– two days of riding on the flat main road through Cromwell.
At 1,200 meters, the Crown Saddle is New Zealand’s highest road but, Christof claims holding out a map showing a mass of steep vertical lines indicating its gradient, is easily manageable. [Read more…]

The Haast Pass and onto Wanaka


Day 149
January 11, 2013
Yesterday evening, when the rain stopped, we walked towards the Franz Joseph Glacier, managing to hitch a ride with an Argentinian family in a camper van. Hiking up a well kept path through lush rain forest growth, it looked as though an invisible hand had drawn aside the thick curtain of clouds just as we got to the glacier, revealing a frozen stream of turquoise colored ice, lit up and sparkling, in the last rays of evening light. [Read more…]