Inangahua Junction


Day 143
January 5, 2013
The wind dies down during the evening. When I get up during the night, I find myself in a magical enchanted world, under a magnificent, cloudless sky that’s like a bowl turned on it’s side. The stars and the half moon hang just above head, and look close enough to reach up and touch. [Read more…]

A storm in Motueka


Day 140
January 2, 2013
While having breakfast at the outdoor kitchen, a camper talks about her three generation, 21-person family reunion, resting up at the campground after completing the Abel Tasman track in 4 days. Her children carried their 78 year-old grandparents backpacks, heavy with food, cooking gear, clothing and camping equipment, enabling them to focus on the rough terrain of the track. [Read more…]