Sri Lankan Independence Day


Day 173
February 4, 2013
65 Years Of Sri Lankan Independence
We’re on our bikes by 8:15, after a hearty breakfast of curries, chutneys, hoppers with eggs and onions, fruit, yogurt, juice and tea. A glance at the morning paper found hanging on our door reveals a host of self-critical opinions along the line of,
– What have we achieved in the 65 years of independence? [Read more…]

Negombo, Sri Lanka


Day 172
February 3, 2013
Still on New Zealand time, we wake up at 4:00 a.m. and, opening the blinds, look out over a hazy lagoon lying just beyond the swimming pool. Shortly before sunrise the air fills with the sound of exotic birdsong, and soon thereafter a road crew takes up work on a highway being constructed next to the water. [Read more…]



Day 170
February 1, 2013
Christof becomes gets ill during the night and because I’m also feeling queasy, we spend the morning in bed. Calling to see if we can have the same room for another night, I’m put on hold,
– It is my ardent wish, a sensual Asian voice whispers in my ear, to be of utmost service and to fulfill all your wishes.
It seems that our wishes, despite her professed ardency, cannot be fulfilled: [Read more…]