From Stafford – Phoenix, AZ


Day 63
October 18, 2012
Today we get up early because the next stretch is too long to ride comfortably. For once we are up at 6:00 and on the road by 7:15. Christof wants to buy some water containers before we leave town. We stop at Walmart which takes time, but gives us the feeling of being well prepared for the day ahead. [Read more…]

Kingston, New Mexico


Day 60
October 15, 2012
Hana and Andy come to say goodbye. Andy shows us a solar-powered battery charger and before we know it he has given it to us.
We thank him. He says he wants our journey to be a success. We will be able to keep the iPad charged in Asia where electricity is less common than in the United States.¬†We are touched by this unexpected generosity. [Read more…]

Hatch, New Mexico


Day 59
October 14, 2012
We leave the tent cover off so that we can see the enormous star-filled dome during the night. Without the cover on, it is bitter cold and we wake up shivering and frozen through. There are scorpions in the desert and we need to either take our shoes into the tent or – if we leave them outside as we have been doing – to shake them out before stepping into them in the morning. [Read more…]