Day 180
February 11, 2013
We wake up to the sound of running water, a heavy tropical rain is falling and has spread a thick veil of white fog over the reservoir. Listening to the sound of raindrops pelting the rooftop, I’m thrilled by the prospect of a lazy day, but Christof, as usual, has other plans. [Read more…]

Cycling Through The Jungle


Day 179
February 10, 2013
It’s Sunday and once we’re out of Dambulla we find ourselves cycling on a traffic-free road so newly paved that piles of red sand, waiting to become a footpath for pedestrians, are lying by the roadside. Indigenous huts, made of bamboo and mud with woven palm roofs, sit in front of emerald green rice paddies, giving us an impression of aboriginal Sri Lankan life, an aesthetically different world from the cinderblock and rusting tin-roofed huts we’ve seen until now. [Read more…]



Day 178
February 9, 2013
Because Sigiriya is only 25 k’s from Danbulla, Christof suggests we spend a second night in the same hotel using a three-wheeler to cover the distance. I love the idea of staying in one place for two nights, and if he’d wants to ride in a taxi instead of on a bicycle, who am I to stop him? [Read more…]



Day 177
February 8, 2013
After an early breakfast with Joel and Carol, who help us carry our luggage down the steep staircase, wave us off as we roll down the hill into the thick of rush-hour traffic and are instantly choked by diesel fumes that coat our eyes, skin and lungs and increase our admiration for the well-dressed Sri Lankan women in small tops and matching saris, daintily picking their way through the crowds on tiny-heeled sandals that click with every step. [Read more…]