A Short Day In Kandy


Day 176
February 7, 2013
To avoid exhaustion and superficiality, Carol and Joel have a three-day-rule of staying wherever they go for at least that amount of time. Hoping to take advantage of their experience, I express my wish to stay in Kandy for an extra day. [Read more…]

Sri Lankan Independence Day


Day 173
February 4, 2013
65 Years Of Sri Lankan Independence
We’re on our bikes by 8:15, after a hearty breakfast of curries, chutneys, hoppers with eggs and onions, fruit, yogurt, juice and tea. A glance at the morning paper found hanging on our door reveals a host of self-critical opinions along the line of,
– What have we achieved in the 65 years of independence? [Read more…]

Negombo, Sri Lanka


Day 172
February 3, 2013
Still on New Zealand time, we wake up at 4:00 a.m. and, opening the blinds, look out over a hazy lagoon lying just beyond the swimming pool. Shortly before sunrise the air fills with the sound of exotic birdsong, and soon thereafter a road crew takes up work on a highway being constructed next to the water. [Read more…]