Christ Church

Day 168
January 30, 2013
I’ve got a toothache so, although I hate the idea of wasting our last day in New Zealand, we spend the morning waiting to see a dentist. The practice is professional and sparkling clean. A young, tanned dentist, who looks like a Hollywood actor continually flashing his perfect teeth at me, takes an x ray and advises me to floss regularly. He says there is nothing he can do to help me. Gluing a bridge that has loosened is a job too risky for him to undertake and better saved for my dentist at home. If I experience any pain I shouldn’t hesitate to visit one of the excellent Asian dentists in the expat community. And flashing me another of his brilliant white smiles, he hands me the bill.
Although we had planned to visit the non- existent center of Christchurch, we’ve got travel fever and are too jittery to take in new sights. Instead we visit a specialty map store because, according to our guide book, detailed maps will be difficult to find in Sri Lanka. The shop, located in a strip mall, is a large room crammed from floor to ceiling with maps of every country in the world. The sales lady spreads three different maps of Sri Lanka out on a table in the center of the shop, and after some study, Christof purchases the one that will give us the best orientation.
Feeling for a cozy day at ‘home’ sorting and packing our stuff, we return to Inge’s place and are served coffee and a Linzertorte she baked specially for our visit.
During the evening we have a meal of the fresh fish, potatoes and salad we bought in a well-sorted supermarket, while watching jet skiers buzz across the bay like giant water bugs as the light fades from the sky.

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