Jeeping in the Californian Desert

Day 79
November 3, 2012
It’s 11:15 a.m. and I’ve retired from the steaming heat of the desert to the cool, comfortable motor home, where I can hear the wind whistling through the windows.
After breakfast both jeeps are ‘aired down’ to twelve or thirteen pounds. Christof drives one and Ed the other, giving me the choice of whom to ride with. I choose Ed, leaving Linda to climb in with Christof.
Ed says I should scream if I get scared, and promptly drops off the side of the hill at a rakish angle to show me that the jeep won’t tip over. After a few rounds of clutching the door handles until I’m white-knuckled, he suddenly stops the jeep and gets out. Linda comes over and sitting in the seat Ed vacated, tells me the jeep is overheated, asking if I would mind terribly going back to camp?
Again, I feel as if an angel heard my prayers. I’m so glad to escape the ordeal of jeeping and to have a whole day in the cool shade of the motor home, catching up on blogs. What a dream! Linda and I enjoy a quiet day chatting, drinking ice tea and lunching together. She reads while I type and before long it’s late afternoon and every one is back in camp.
Christof had a great time, but says:

– It wouldn’t have been your thing.
As a passenger he was able to photograph and film the most daring exploits of the day, including a couple climbing straight up a rock without tipping over backwards. He said that Ed is the most experienced driver, the one the club looks up to.

After a delicious barbecued dinner there is a Halloween celebration. Since there is only one teenager in the group this year, the adults trick or treat, finishing the evening companionably munching sweets by the heat of the fire.


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