Quilting in California

Day 77
November 1, 2012
After breakfast Linda invites me to accompany her to a quilting class. I love quilting but haven’t done any in years, so I look foreword to the opportunity of experiencing a piece of genuine American Culture.
We leave the house around 11:15, going to McDonalds, another piece of American Culture, to pick up lunch. Linda buys salads and tea for herself and two friends. I get a cafe latte and a grilled chicken salad, which is what the others are having.
Untitled 4
At the school for adult education, a few women are already gathered in a room with long tables and plenty of electric outlets. Each woman unpacks her boxed lunch, sewing machine and quilting supplies.

Untitled 5
By the time the lesson starts the room has filled up with about twenty-five participants.
The teacher talks about upcoming shows and events, and goes through the room holding up each woman’s quilt, demonstrating how it has progressed during the week. Show and Tell for adults.
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The group working on the class project gathers around her for a step by step explanation of the week’s block. The others work on their own projects, chatting companionably. By 3:00 p.m. people start packing up to leave.
Untitled 7

Linda and I stop at her Chiropractor’s before doing the grocery shopping for our week-end expedition to the desert.
Both Ed and Christof are working on projects in our absence, and are running errands when we return.
We have the stew Linda put on before we left the house this morning for dinner when the men get home.

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