The Redwoods

Day 89
November 13, 2012
An early start – on winding back roads arriving at Big Basin State Park – although nothing in the otherwise barren landscape gives any indication that trees of this magnitude could develop here. DSCN3918
Just above freezing, the cold seeps through the soles of our thin summer shoes, as we walk on soft wooded paths in silent awe amongst some of the tallest trees in the world.
Untitled 4
Stopping in front of the tallest tree, the mother tree, and the father tree,

Untitled 5
and finding ourselves, just as predicted by the women we met yesterday, spontaneously hugging these great giants although we still have no idea what an ‘orb’ is!
DSCN3893Lunch on Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey while tame pelicans, close enough to reach out and touch, perch on the railings of the deck waiting for an opportune moment to polish off unguarded morsels. We Skype with Julia, turning the iPad around, so she can see these exotic birds and the masses of elephant seals making a loud raucous noise on the pier. Like school children play fighting and jostling with each other for the best positions, as soon as one is knocked down or loses his balance, another climbs up to take it.


In the evening, we stroll though an organic street market, the stalls lit by candles or chains of tiny fairy lights showing the healthiest, best looking crisp vegetables and fruits we’ve seen on this trip. If I had a kitchen I would have done a good shopping, and prepared a delicious fresh meal. Occasionally the joys and comforts of sedentary life exert an tempting, almost irresistible pull.

A glass of organic wine in a small lively café to celebrate the fact that we have a car and can be out amongst other people after dark.

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